Who Are We? | MER is a performance shop & racing team based at Motorsport Ranch in Fort Worth, Texas. Combining a full race car fabrication shop, an in house dyno and several rental race cars, we are uniquely positioned to cover you from start to finish. MER specializes in Mazda products, with years of experience and close ties to the manufacturer. Mazda cars are the most often raced cars in America and MER is proud to be associated with that both as a company and a race team.

Led by Shannon McMasters, MER employs some of the best and brightest talent available in all regards of motorsports. McMasters was one of the co-creators of the Spec Miata class and has been working with Mazda Products for over 25 years, from the earliest days of rotary power to the current state-of-the-art creations from the marque. He was factory trained on the rotary engine and has been rebuilding them from the start, he can build to suit any power level or application you want.

Darin George is the lead mechanic with a background in racing at all levels. He has experience with top level ALMS teams and is factory trained by Mercedes. He has also built many race cars and performed some of the most complete and reliable V8 swaps around. With 13 years in the business, he has the knowledge and experience to tackle any problem you can throw at him.

Services? | MER offers a wide selection of options for any motorsport enthusiast from amateur to pro-level racers. From services involving car preparation, trackside support to driver coaching and arrive & drive rental cars, MER is prepared to assist in any way to give you the best experience on and off the track. At any level, from street performance to track day cars to professional race cars - MER helps you get more from your car. With our wide range of driver training options, we can introduce you to the sport, help you make the most of your new modification or help you move up the grid wherever you race. Bring your own car for an intensive one-on-one training experience or for us to help you with chassis development.

For more information, call us at 817-396-4831.

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